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Some feedback from tutee families

Thank you very much Gary. My son achieved an A for his Higher. We are very pleased with his results. Gary is a very measured and practical Tutor. He was able to give my son the confidence he needed as well as the support to learn the subject and consolidate his school work. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for support in Maths.

JG — Higher 2017

Hi Gary, thought you may  like to know. P got an ‘A’ and is delighted. Thank you for all your help you really made a huge difference .

We’ve got you number for  J!


Mr & Mrs Smith — Higher 2017

Hi Gary. Happy to say she got an A. Thanks for all your help and will be in touch around November time.

Catherine’s mum — Nat 5 2017 — Catherine is going on to do Higher Maths

Gary great news R got A higher in maths thx so much.

NI by text — Higher 2017 — passed Higher obtaining an A grade

hi gary,

thank you for asking! I got a B in my exam (90/130), which was better than I expected. Thanks for all your help I don’t think I could have passed without it.

all the best,

SZ — Higher 2017

Hi again,

Thank you very much for all the help you gave me leading up to the exam and it certainly helped. I got a B for maths along with 2 other Bs and 2As. I certainly couldn’t have gotten that mark without your help.

Thanks again

NG — Higher 2017

Delighted to say she got a C! It’s a great result for her because she needed it to do Psychology at University. Thanks so much for the time you gave her, I think it really made a lot of difference even though it was only a few weeks – I think you really helped her to learn how to think through the questions so she could see what was being asked. If anyone asks me for tutor recommendations I will definitely pass on your name!

best wishes and thanks again,

Sarah, N’s mum — Higher 2017

R got an A thanks to your help.

Mrs Thomas parent of R by text — National 5 Maths 2016

Once again, thank you for all your help over the last two years – I would never have imagined myself passing advanced higher maths two years ago.

Jack W — Advanced Higher Maths 2016

Thanks for all your help over the last couple of years – I am pretty sure E would not have got through Maths Nat 5 or Higher without your help so thanks for everything.

Kevin T parent of E — Higher Maths 2016

Hi Sir

Thankfully I achieved an A in my higher maths and received a place at St Andrews University for Computing Science. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the help you gave me throughout the year not only with my higher maths, but also for all the moral support and confidence you gave to me, words cant describe how grateful i am to you and for your help.

Dan — Higher Maths 2016


Delightfully she got an A. At the time she felt she was on the cusp of an A/B and we don’t know her actual band as yet.

Clearly she is delighted with her 3As and 2 Bs.

Many thanks

Lesley L parent of H — Higher Maths 2016

Hi Gary,

Just to let you know Aidan passed maths with a ‘C’.

Thank you it would not have happened without you.

Andy J parent of Aidan — Higher Maths 2016

We have just returned from holiday and I am absolutely delighted to tell you that Beth got a B in her maths exam.

When you started working with her I had my doubts that she would pass at all as she was averaging F scores.

She is taking maths hopefully to higher if they allow her to do it over  2 years.

Thanks again

Lesley parent of Beth — National 5 Maths 2016


Been meaning to get in touch all day. E got an ‘A’ and is really chuffed.

Thanks for all the help and I will contact you soon to arrange a suitable time to start Higher!

Kevin T parent of E — National 5 Maths 2015

Thanks for your email enquiring about Caitlin’s maths Nat 5.

You will be pleased to hear Caitlin got an A in her exam!

Not sure if she is more shocked or delighted. We couldn’t be happier and would like to extend our thanks for the huge part you played in helping her achieve this.

We will happily recommend your tutoring services to others and please feel free to use Caitlin’s result (from fail at prelim to A in final exam) in any publicity.

Many thanks again

Ellie C – Caitlin’s mum – 2014

Hi Gary,

I got a B in my Maths, I’m very pleased with that

Thanks for al your help

Joe G — SQA Higher Maths tutee – 2014

Gary,   Jack really enjoyed his session with you on Friday and thought it was very beneficial.

Lorna W — Jack is an SQA Advanced Higher Maths tutee – 2016 who got an A with Edina Tuition in the 2015 Higher

Thanks for all you done for Kieran x

Nicola M — Kieran was a P7 pupil needing help with remembering multiplication facts – 2014

Thank you very much Gary. We are delighted too that  Aaron is happy with his tuition.

Janet L-D – Aaron was an S2 pupil at Stewart Melville’s – 2013

Just a word of thanks especially for the first lesson on Differentiation. Had my test today and I got 100%! Thanks again for helping me out with solving how to go about the questions!

Craig C — SQA Higher Maths tutee – 2013

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