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Maths exam in 2017?

  • Need to get an A/B in Higher Maths to secure your place at college or university?
  • struggling with Higher Maths in school?
  • like some help with Advanced Higher Maths?
  • want to get a grip on National 5 maths?
  • want to do well at Maths?

Whatever your reason for wanting to do better at maths, whatever path you are considering following after leaving high school, please see the following link which provides data relating earnings 10 years after graduation to subject graduated in:

To earn more, study medicine or economics, says IFS

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Note that for at least 5 (Economics, Engineering, Physical sciences, Maths/Computing, Business) out of 9 of these subject areas a good pass at Higher or Advanced Higher Maths would probably be required for entry on to the course.

Please also be aware that the rise of AI and automation will put at risk many jobs currently performed by humans. According to the World Economic Forum 7 million jobs will be lost and 2 million created by 2020. Please see this Bloomberg article from January 2016 Rise of Robots will eliminate more than 5 million jobs.

Administrative and office jobs will account for two-thirds of the losses, with “routine white-collar office functions at risk of being decimated,” and there will be gains in computer, mathematical, architecture and engineering-related fields. Women will be disproportionately hit by the changes because of their low participation in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Private tuition in your own home can be an effective way of taking your understanding of maths to the next level.

I have developed Edina Tuition so I could offer a dedicated, personal service to individuals who want to gain more confidence and skill in maths. My wish is to deliver contemporary maths tuition in Edinburgh and beyond. I teach up to SQA Advanced Higher.

I have a lifetime of fascination and passion for maths and I aim to inspire those I teach to, at best, enjoy the subject and, at least, to embrace it with more enthusiasm than before.


  • to get you looking forward to your maths exam and obtaining, or surpassing, your target grade


  • working at mastery of C level skills (the SQA state that 65% of marks in Higher Maths are available at this level)
  • promoting a growth mindset, and grit
  • encouraging the use of common sense
  • developing flexible thinking
  • encouraging you to develop your number skills


  • prelim, then actual exam

Basically you want to be ready for anything that the SQA can throw at you. 5th May 2017 is the date for the next SQA maths exams. I would like to help you get ready for them.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Complete success would mean that every individual felt, “I enjoyed the mathematics that I had time to learn. If I ever need or want to learn some more, I shall not be afraid to do so.”
W W Sawyer

Gary Thomson

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