Maths tuition offered

Maths exam in 2019?

I offer tuition in mathematics for secondary pupils preparing to take:

  • SQA all exams up to and including:
    • Advanced Higher Mathematics
    • National 5 Applications of Mathematics
    • GCSE — all exam boards
    • A level — all exam boards

And in addition for those taking:

  • access courses for university
  • first year university mathematics exams
  • Numeracy exams for professional development e.g. AOSB

Private tuition in maths by an experienced maths tutor offers you the help and support you need to increase your understanding of this important school subject, and thence to improved grades. I have set up as a maths tutor in order to help more people to do better at maths.

In particular SQA Higher Maths presents a major  step up in the level of technical detail which has to be mastered. Many people do not appreciate this, perhaps as a result of having found National 5 Mathematics relatively untaxing.  However good progress at Higher can be achieved with a consistent and determined effort.

”Homework” can be requested, but for setting and marking this there is a surcharge.

Please contact me today to see if I can help you.

Online Higher and Advanced Higher maths

I am now offering online tuition for SQA Higher and Advanced Higher Maths students. This cuts the cost of tuition. I am envisaging that it could be a good way for people to obtain intensive tuition during the Easter break just ahead of the exams.

SQA Exams for Maths 2018

  • Thursday 3rd May 2018
    • National 5 Applications of Mathematics
    • Higher
    • Advanced Higher
  • Friday 4th May 2018
    • National 5
  • Friday 11th May 2018
    • Advanced Higher Statistics
  • Tuesday 29th May 2018
    • Advanced Higher Mathematics of Mechanics

SQA exam timetable 2018

About me

  • B Sc Mathematics
  • PGCE Secondary Mathematics
  • PVG — updated October 2016
  • Edinburgh/Lothians based




  • £30 for a one hour session
  • online £20 per session booked in a block of 5 (times can arranged at your convenience)
  • a reduced fee may be charged if a lesson is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice