Maths tuition offered

All levels offered

I offer online tuition in mathematics for secondary pupils preparing to take:

  • SQA exams up to and including:
    • Advanced Higher Mathematics
  • AS/A-level
    • Edexcel
  • AS/A-level Further Mathematics 
    • Edexcel  
      • Core Pure Mathematics Papers 1 & 2
      • Further Core Pure Mathematics Papers 1 & 2
  • STEP, MAT 
    • takes the form of support and guidance using available preparatory materials. These exams require you to develop problem-solving skills that can only be acquired by doing problems.
    • Please see my STEP tuition page

Additionally for anyone preparing to undertake:

  • Any of the above exams
  • Numeracy/maths exams for professional development e.g. AOSB, PGDE, Scottish Fire Service
  • HNC/HND/Cert of HE/OU STEM courses with substantial maths component
  • SAT and GRE tests
  • First-year university-level maths
  • Improving their problem-solving skills

1-2-1 tuition in maths by an experienced* maths tutor offers you the help, encouragement and support you need to increase your understanding of this important school subject, and thence to improved grades. I have set up as a maths tutor in order to help people do better at maths.

I particularly welcome enquiries from potential tutees who are taking SQA National 5, or GCSE  maths with a view to obtaining an  A or 9 pass at  National 5, GCSE and SQA Higher, AS/A-level the following year. And also from SQA Higher, AS/A-level  students aiming to get an ‘A/A*’ at both Higher and Advanced Higher, AS/A-level. Please see my page How to get an A.

Some of my Advanced Higher tutees from previous years have gone on to study mathematics, medicine, engineering, economics, astrophysics, computer science, and music.

If you have an interest in pursuing a STEM subject at university it is advisable that you consciously work towards achieving your goal from an earlier rather than a later stage.

Please see my page How to get an ‘A’.

I am equally pleased to help anyone improve their understanding of maths, or to improve their numeracy, whatever their level, and whatever their goal.

* nearly 3000 hours of tuition delivered in the past 5 years


  • Tuition is offered on a weekly basis, I don’t offer fortnightly sessions
  • Tuition is given by online means only. By doing this my hope is that I am reducing carbon emissions overall.
    • Online can be as good as face-to-face tuition and has many advantages
  • Cumulative results for previous years can be found at Results 2013 – 2021
  • For each individual tutee I use a probationary period to help me decide if my way of giving tuition will work for them.  Please see What I expect of tutees
  • Please read my Terms and Conditions
    • by accepting tuition from me, and making payment for tuition, you will be making a tacit agreement to the T&C on the above linked page


  • N5, Adult, Casual learner £40 per hour
  • Higher, AS, A-Level, Advanced Higher £45 per hour
  • STEP etc £45 per hour
  • 1st-year University level £45 per hour
  • 50% discount on the first tutorial
  • a late cancellation fee of £10 with less than 24 hours’ notice
  • Payments are made by bank transfer
  • Payments to be made within 7 days of a tutorial taking place

Your data

  • As part of delivering online tuition to you or your family member, I collect certain personal details (contact and education related). I keep them securely on my computer and on iCloud.
  • I have no need to share them with any other parties and therefore your privacy will not be compromised.
  • Any publicly shared feedback is shared in such a way that the identity of the individuals involved is not.


About me

  • B Sc Mathematics
  • PGCE Secondary Mathematics
  • PVG — updated October 2016

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