Results 2013 — 2020


Why have I chosen to publish my exam results? It is because I wish to forestall the idea that obtaining the services of a private tutor will automatically mean that an enhanced pass will be secured.

Some of my A/B passes were on track to obtain their grade when I started working with them, and some benefitted from the input and support of a personal tutor.

Many of my C passes were great successes because without the input from a tutor these students would have failed. Some narrowly missed out on getting an enhanced grade.

Some students failed even with the support of a tutor.

The determining factor in the grade obtained is the mindset of the tutee. It cannot be the sole determining factor, for no amount of being positive will help you answer questions in an exam, but at the same time its importance cannot be overstated.

I find that I can achieve the best result when a tutee is determined to improve and work towards obtaining, or surpassing, their target grade and advise that you take this into consideration when deciding whether to go ahead in securing the services of a tutor.