Online tuition

  • Mathematics students — get extra tuition and support from a qualified maths teacher
  • students in remote regions of Scotland can still have their own tutor
  • whiteboard and Zoom for audio/video
    • I make use of BBC Bitesize, HSN notes (for Higher), the SQA website, and other online resources to ensure that we cover the basics via easily shared means
    • the great advantage to having a personal tutor is that you can ask specific questions about things that you don’t (as yet) understand — so please ask away!
  • pay online by bank transfer
  • £40 per hour long session plus additional support by email when required
    • for those affected by financial ramifications of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic pay what you can afford between £30 – £40
  • stop the sessions at any time and have paid only for the sessions you have had with no further charge
  • first session is free of charge to test that online will work for you

A recent comment from an Advanced Higher (Maths and Maths of Mechanics) tutee in Shetland:

 R is definitely finding it helpful. The whole process seems to work really well. He was telling me that it was a good as having a tutor in the room.

Thanks for your help.

If you are serious about doing well at maths and have decided to use an online tutor you may want to consider buying a tablet/stylus:

I use an iPad pro and Apple Pencil.

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