Online tuition

  • Mathematics students — get extra tuition and support from a qualified maths teacher
  • students in remote regions of Scotland can still have their own tutor via online means at affordable rates
  • initial brief session to check set up and introduce ourselves — free of charge
    • and Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom for audio/video
  • first online tuition session would also be free of charge to give you a chance to see if online works for you
  • pay online by Paypal and authorise each payment once session has been delivered
  • £30 per hour long session plus additional support by email when required
  • sessions could be split into two half hour long sessions if desired at times of our mutual convenience
  • stop the sessions at any time and have paid only for the sessions you have had with no further charge
  • parent or guardian informed via email that session has taken place and needs to confirm by reply that they are happy
  • for tutees local to Edinburgh I’d consider “half and half” ie in home tuition alternating with online
  • support via email for all students — bespoke video explanations to help you understand the maths that is bugging you
  • Ideal for intensive Easter revision sessions from the comfort of your own home!
  • contact me

If you are serious about doing well at maths and have decided to use an online tutor you may want to consider buying a tablet/stylus

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