school maths

bbc list of online resources for younger children

bbc list of online resources for secondary pupils

bbc list of online resources for scottish higher revision

hsn uk notes on sqa higher maths — for free!

SCHOLAR — at Heriot Watt, don’t forget to check this out

sqa higher maths past papers

maths is fun — very clean, easy to read pages and good content. The name of the site reminds me that we had a phyics book called physics is fun when I was at school.

general interest

mathigon — Philip Legner’s beautiful web site on maths

plus magazine — an online magazine dedicated to explaining mathematics

madras college activities page — madras college is a school in st andrews with what looks like a good maths department

number gossip — everything you wanted to know about a number but were afraid to ask!

maths education

a mathematician’s lament — Paul Lockhart on what is wrong with the way maths is taught in the USA but could equally be said of here

interactive and dynamic

cut the knot — good for interactive puzzles

geogebra — dynamic geometry for everybody


numberphile — videos about numbers and stuff

3brown1blue — for Advanced Higher topics and beyond

quotations on the subject of maths

today in science history has a page of mathematics quotations

how to become a quant

Michael Halls-Moore has a very informative site on all things to do with becoming a quantitive analyst. See A step-by-step guide on getting a job as a quantitive analyst and Understanding how to become a quantitive analyst. Basically you have to be prepared to study a lot of maths.

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