How to get an ‘A’ in SQA Higher Maths

This advice is for those who are intent on obtaining an ‘A’ pass at SQA Higher maths. Please read and implement today. So many students will hear this advice but leave doing anything about it until the weeks before the exam when it will likely be too late to change the course of things.

Achievement in mathematics is much more easily realised than people would imagine, but it has to be earned through a steady effort.

  • get a coach — due to class size numbers it is unfortunately the case that individuals do not receive the 1-1 help that they sometimes need, this is where a tutor comes in!
  • become diligent
  • work steadily
  • develop grit
  • develop top notch ‘C’ grade skills
  • put your effort into understanding rather than merely memorising maths facts
  • review work at regular intervals
  • keep your focus on the exam and getting an ‘A’
  • become someone who takes pride in being able to give a full and clear explanation for the solution to any given problem
  • invest in and read Leckie’s Grade C Booster which will reinforce many of the points made in tutorials
  • invest in and read a maths dictionary such as Oxford Student’s Mathematics Dictionary which will help you to review earlier maths studies — NB this is important!
  • consider using an app(s) that will help you improve your basic maths — this would make a big difference in helping you learn the new things in Higher
  • consider the use of flashcards and spaced repetition techniques for helping you learn and remember vocabulary and maths facts — my brainscape flashcards on SQA Higher Maths which help aid understanding
  • invest in and read Leckie’s study skills guide for National 5 and Higher
  • consider to yourself: how can I ask better questions?

Please see my other writing on how to study to do well in Higher maths: my scheme