Summer school 2024

The courses will run any time from the mid May to the start of the next academic year (roughly a 13 week period), allowing you to keep your maths skills fresh by learning some new and useful things for future maths studies.

All courses are delivered online which means more screen time, but it will be worth it for you as it will allow you to get a head start in the next school year.

All courses are offered at the special price of £30 per lesson.

Maths enrichment for secondary pupils

  • Open ended (finish at your discretion)
  • Learn mathematical problem solving (the most important skill to learn in maths), and strengthen your existing mathematical skills and knowledge
  • This would be a helpful course of study if you intend to take STEP or MAT with a wish to go on to study maths or computer science at university

STEP etc intended for H/AH/AS/A-level

  • Open ended (finish at your discretion)
  • Working through STEP preparation materials
  • Increase your knowledge of advanced school maths
  • Improve your reasoning skills

Progression to SQA Advanced Higher H

  • Open ended (finish at your discretion)
  • Topics covered include
    • A grade Higher questions — ie the harder things from Higher
    • Further techniques of differentiation and integration
    • Vectors
  • Preparation for 6th year and 1st year of University courses

Progression to SQA Higher N5

  • Open ended (finish at your discretion)
  • Topics covered
    • Straight line
    • Introduction to Calculus
    • Extending National 5 Trigonometry
  • Ensures that you are ready for SQA Higher
  • Please read my How to get an A

Improve your trigonometry ALL

Intended for those moving up to SQA Higher from N5, or from SQA Higher to Advanced Higher. Trig is tricky but like most maths will yield to practice.

  • 3 weeks
  • Topics covered
    • Period and Amplitude N5 to H
    • Graphs — using Desmos N5 to H
    • Radian measure N5 to H
    • 2 triangles N5 to H
    • Exact values N5 to H
    • CAST diagrams N5 to H
    • Addition formulae N5 to H
    • Wave function N5 to H
    • Trig identities
    • Further trig ratios H to AH
    • Trig and calculus H to AH
    • Inverse trig functions H to AH

Numeracy ALL

Intended for adult learners to help them improve their numeracy and confidence in working with numbers

  • 6 weeks
  • Topics covered
    • Fractions
    • Percentages
    • Introductory Statistics
    • Calculators
    • Any topic that you want help with