What to expect of me

How I should conduct a tutorial (further suggestions welcome)

This is what I’m trying to do in each session:

  • Start with What questions do you have this week? Or What would you like to talk about today?
  • Give time and space for you to think
  • Not take over
    • Allow you the opportunity to talk and write on the whiteboard
  • Check you are understanding what is being said/written on the whiteboard
  • Prompt you to question things I feel you may be unsure about
  • Prompt you to take an active part 
    • Can you show me what you mean?
    • Can you put an example on the whiteboard?
  • Challenge you to:
    • Ask better questions
    • Write a better, clearer solution
      • How could you make that clearer?
  • Not hog the limelight
  • Be generous with praise

Of course, inevitably, I will do a lot of talking, but over time we want to achieve a better balance whereby you feel confident to think out loud, and to question things.

So you should expect me to give you the chance to:

  • Have time to talk/answer/think out loud to allow you to develop your thoughts
  • Question anything you are not sure of
  • Explain what you mean
  • Be encouraged to improve
  • Be challenged
  • Be praised where deserved

I have to write this down as I have a terrible tendency to take over tutorials. So please do not let me! It is your tutorial! Please endeavour to make the best use of your hour.