Maths tuition offered

All levels offered

I offer online tuition in mathematics for secondary pupils preparing to take:

  • SQA exams up to and including:
    • Advanced Higher Mathematics
  • Edexcel
    • AS/A-level
    • AS/A-level Further Mathematics
      • Core Pure Mathematics Papers 1 & 2
      • Further Core Pure Mathematics Papers 1 & 2
  • STEP, MAT 
    • takes the form of support and guidance using available preparatory materials. These exams require you to develop problem-solving skills that can only be acquired by doing problems.
    • Please see my STEP tuition page

1-2-1 tuition in maths by an experienced* maths tutor offers you the help, encouragement and support you need to increase your understanding of this important school subject, and thence to improved grades. 

* I have delivered in excess of 3000 hours of tuition in the years from 2018 to 2023 alone


  • N5, Adult, Casual learner £40 per hour
  • Higher, AS, A-Level, Advanced Higher £45 per hour
  • STEP etc £45 per hour
  • 1st-year University level £45 per hour
  • 50% discount on the first tutorial
  • SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUP TUTORIALS: Please ask about studying with a friend, or friends, in order to obtain a 25% discount on the above rate
  • DISCOUNT FOR PAYMENT IN ADVANCE  in blocks of 5 lessons — please enquire
  • a late cancellation fee of £10 with less than 24 hours’ notice
  • Payments are made by bank transfer
  • Payments to be made within 7 days of a tutorial taking place

More about my tuition service

I particularly welcome enquiries from potential tutees who are taking SQA National 5, or GCSE  maths with a view to obtaining an  A or 9 pass at  National 5, GCSE and SQA Higher, AS/A-level the following year. And also from SQA Higher, AS/A-level  students aiming to get an ‘A/A*’ at both Higher and Advanced Higher, AS/A-level. Please see my page How to get an A.

Some of my Advanced Higher and A-level tutees from previous years have gone on to study mathematics, medicine, engineering, economics, astrophysics, computer science, psychology, chemical engineering and music.

If you have an interest in pursuing a STEM subject at university it is advisable that you consciously work towards achieving your goal from an earlier rather than a later stage.

Please see my page How to get an ‘A’.

I am equally pleased to help anyone improve their understanding of maths, or to improve their numeracy, whatever their level, and whatever their goal.

Should you get an AI or a human tutor?


In order to encourage the take-up of my summer school tutorials I am offering them at the special discounted rate of £30 per lesson.

These tutorials are intended to prepare you for the next stage of your journey in school mathematics; from N5 to Higher, or from Higher to Advanced Higher, or from GCSE to AS to A-level, or to prepare for STEP.

The tutorials are:

  • Numeracy
  • Improve your trigonometry
  • Progression to H
  • Progression to AH
  • Progression to AS
  • Progression to A-level
  • STEP


  • Tuition is offered on a weekly basis, I don’t offer fortnightly sessions
  • Tuition is given by online means only. By doing this my hope is that I am reducing carbon emissions overall.
    • Online can be as good as face-to-face tuition and has many advantages
  • Cumulative results for previous years can be found at Results 2013 – 2021
  • For each individual tutee I use a probationary period to help me decide if my way of giving tuition will work for them.  Please see What I expect of tutees
  • Please read my Terms and Conditions
    • by accepting tuition from me, and making payment for tuition, you will be making a tacit agreement to the T&C on the above linked page

Your data

  • As part of delivering online tuition to you or your family member, I collect certain personal details (contact and education related). I keep them securely on my computer and on iCloud.
  • I have no need to share them with any other parties and therefore your privacy will not be compromised.
  • Any publicly shared feedback is shared in such a way that the identity of the individuals involved is not.


About me

  • B Sc Mathematics
  • PGCE Secondary Mathematics
  • PVG registered

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