Online tuition

  • Zoom for audio/video and whiteboard
  • I make use of Desmos, HSN notes (for SQA Higher), the SQA website, and other online resources to ensure that we cover the basics via easily shared means
  • the great advantage to having a personal tutor is that you can ask specific questions about things that you don’t (as yet) understand — so please ask away!
  • £40 SQA HIGHER, AS, SQA ADVANCED HIGHER, A-LEVEL/ £35 SQA N5, GCSE per hour long session which includes additional support by email when required
    • pay online by bank transfer
  • stop the sessions at any time with nothing more to pay
  • first session is offered at a 75% discount

If you are serious about doing well at maths and have decided to use an online tutor you may want to consider buying a tablet/stylus:

I use an iPad pro and Apple Pencil.

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