My approach

I am a dedicated teacher and I enjoy teaching at all levels of ability tailoring my approach to what is required by the student. Having a calm and patient manner I enjoy the challenge of helping students to understand basic principles in ways that make sense to them. I am based in Edinburgh and provide my services online.

The aim of tuition is not to do work for the tutee, nor to oblige the tutee to work, but rather it is to show the tutee how to work.

In keeping with what is considered to be best practice my tuition tends to be based on asking questions rather than purely didactic.

If I make mistakes in talking about mathematics and engaging with it, this is part of learning and doing mathematics. We need to not be put off by our errors (large or small) but rather reflect on them and learn.

My qualifications

I have a degree in Mathematics, a PGCE from Durham University, and am PVG registered — updated October 2016. For a number of years I taught in schools in Scotland and have worked in computing and information technology. I have also worked in adult eductation in both paid and voluntary roles.

As I no longer wish to teach in schools, but continue to want to help others to get better at maths, I started my own tuition service in 2012. I am an advocate for STEAM not STEM.

I teach mathematics to SQA Higher and Advanced Higher level, AS and A-level, IB SL and HL.

When I get time to do other things I enjoy being out and about in the countryside. I also enjoy fooling around in an attempt to learn Japanese, so my message to all my tutees is


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