Structure of a tutorial

What tutees can expect 

  • Warm up (optional)— basic maths revision eg for H maths powers/indices/exponents etc
  • Prepped bit (optional) — eg checking on previous week, say, completing the square
  • Tutee’s bitWhat questions do you have this week? This will be the bulk of the tutorial session.
  • Summary
    • what we did in the session
    • what questions were asked
      • can we ask better questions?
    • can we improve our solutions?
    • chance to ask if any clarification is needed
  • Reminder to think about your maths/revise your maths
    • we will tackle exam questions on a topic when you indicate that it is completed in class
    • other study tips
  • Your feedback on the tutorial— I will ask you at the end (and in the middle) of the tutorial
    • Also gives an opportunity for more general feedback on the overall course of your tuition — are you learning and gaining confidence from the sessions?

At various points of the school year sessions may also include:

  • help with revision and exam preparation
  • regular revision of basic maths eg
    • number
    • place value
    • adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing — written and mental
    • methods of calculation and estimation
    • fractions
    • encouraging you to develop your number skills
    • looking at making more of your scientific calculator
    • shape


  • HSN notes for SQA HIGHER
  • Desmos
  • SQA website — for past paper questions