My video tutorials

This page may eventually become a youtube channel. In the meantime I am posting links to short videos I have made on topics/exam questions in the range of exams that I offer tuition in. I hope that you will find them useful, and invite you to send me requests for videos on any topics, and/or questions from past papers, that you would like help with.

The videos are purposely short, and I am seeking to improve my handwriting. All are currently in production.

  • Introduction — the face behind the voice behind the maths
  • Fractions N5
  • Percentages N5
  • Paper 2 question using CUBE method N5
  • Edexcel GCSE Foundation level questions
  • Edexcel GCSE Higher level questions
  • SQA Higher question
  • Edexcel A Level questions
  • IB SL questions
  • IB HL questions
  • SQA Advanced Higher question
  • Pointers to mathematical reasoning in SQA Higher maths
  • Problem solving as exemplified in two Paper 2 CfE Higher circle questions
  • Optimisation Higher
  • Some trig questions Higher
  • Vectors, logs Higher
  • Statistics questions N5 through to IB HL, Advanced Higher
  • Futoshiki
  • UKMT problems

Please also see my SQA Higher Maths Flashcards