Maths tutor for hire

Maths tuition up to SQA Advanced Higher

Maths exam in 2018?

  • Need to get an A/B in Higher Maths to secure your place at college or university?
  • struggling with Higher Maths in school?
  • like some help with Advanced Higher Maths?
  • want to get a grip on National 5 maths?
  • want to do well at Maths?

Please see my page on Jobs, computerisation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics for notes on the increasing importance of maths as a  subject which secures good job prospects and guards against technological unemployment. Maths gets you everywhere*

Private tuition in your own home can be an effective way of taking your understanding of maths to the next level.

I have developed Edina Tuition in order to offer a dedicated, personal service to individuals who want to gain more confidence and skill in maths. My wish is to deliver contemporary maths tuition in Edinburgh and beyond. I teach up to SQA Advanced Higher. I also offer support for those taking STEP.

I have a lifetime of fascination and passion for maths and I aim to inspire those I teach to, at best, enjoy the subject and, at least, to embrace it with more enthusiasm than before.


  • to get you looking forward to your maths exam and obtaining, or surpassing, your target grade


  • working at mastery of C level skills (the SQA state that 65% of marks in Higher Maths are available at this level)
  • developing flexible thinking
  • encouraging you to develop your number skills
  • encouraging you to develop accuracy
  • encouraging the use of common sense
  • promoting the spirit of mathematics
  • teaching you “tricks of the trade”


  • prelim, then actual exam

Basically you want to be ready for anything that the SQA can throw at you. I’d like to help you.

Gary Thomson

*Maths gets you everywhere is a common phrase used in China. Mathematics in the Chinese curriculum is not seen as an elite subject. It is viewed as an essential of life, and one in which everyone can be highly competent if they work at it.

Complete success would mean that every individual felt, “I enjoyed the mathematics that I had time to learn. If I ever need or want to learn some more, I shall not be afraid to do so.”

W W Sawyer

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