What to expect in a session

What I have developed a knee-jerk affinity for is mistakes and failures . . . I learn more from them than I learn from success.

Ray Dalio founder of Bridgewater Associates

  • (Warm up with basic maths)
  • (Prepped bit — solutions to problems, advice on study/exams)
  • Tutee’s bit — the bulk of the session where you can ask questions on the parts of your course that you are struggling with
    • I try to break down the very mathy bits into more manageable pieces which you can digest more easily
  • Summary — what we did in the session
  • Reminder to revise
    • I do not offer “homework” unless requested to do so. However you should understand that the key to doing well in a maths exam is practice. You therefore need to become a diligent student by completing any homework set by your teacher.
    • If requested there is a surchage for setting and marking homework.
  • (Feedback/Assessment)
  • (bespoke notes developed with you to help you understand the maths you struggle with)

At various points of the school year sessions may also include:

  • help with revision and exam preparation
  • regular revision of basic maths eg
    • number
    • place value
    • adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing — written and mental
    • methods of calculation and estimation
    • fractions
    • encouraging you to develop your number skills
    • looking at making more of your scientific calculator
    • shape
    • triangles
    • quadrilaterals
    • circles
    • use of symmetry
  • ask me 2 questions
  • explain it to me
  • produce a similar problem and solve it